What benefits do immigrants have in Canada?

Many immigrants arrive in a new country in search of better living conditions. Canada is a country that is openly committed to immigration since this country expects to receive 1.5 million immigrants by 2025, making it an attractive destination for people who are considering leaving their country.

Canada is a unique destination for tourism and exchanges. However, there are many reasons why it is regarded as an excellent living option. This country has a high quality of life, standing out for several reasons such as its political stability, labour market, educational system, low crime rate where coexistence and respect prevail, and the quality of its health system.

Immigration to Canada has multiple advantages, such as cultural exchange, economic growth and the local market, better health conditions, education and extending job offers. For this reason, learn about the benefits of the immigration process to Canada.

Assistance for social integration and cultural adjustment 

Adjusting to a new country and its culture can be complex. All immigrants face a complicated process in a new country, where they must learn the social and cultural norms of the country where they arrived. For this reason, one of the benefits of travelling to Canada is the possibility offered to immigrants to adapt.

In most Canadian cities, there is an organized help system for immigrants, providing them with the necessary information for their social integration. Generally, this service is offered in the first two years of stay, the time required for an immigrant to adapt correctly to the Canadian lifestyle and culture.

Emigrating with relatives

Canada offers different services for immigrants, such as permanent residence, work permits, or study offers. In the migration process, it is common for many citizens to travel alone, although some seek to travel with their families.

For this type of request, the Canadian system is very different from that of other countries since it allows a person who is going to work or study in the country to bring a family member or partner, where the latter can obtain a permit. Work to be able to be employed like any other citizen.

We know that the migration process is complex, so this is a benefit that the government offers for people who want to go to Canada to work or study with a family member or partner.

Student Benefits 

Professionals and students interested in exchanging in Canada must obtain a Canadian student visa. This permit is granted by the Canadian government and must have a minimum extension of six months. Therefore, after finishing this process, you can learn about some benefits the government offers international students.

The student exchange is an opportunity that offers multiple rewards to international students. However, some students need a job to survive while on their exchange. For this type of case, the Canadian government developed benefits for students while they are in the territory.

So, the limit of hours for students was eliminated, which were 20 hours per week in businesses outside the institutions. By allowing international students to work longer hours, they can earn more income while meeting needs in many sectors of the country.

In addition, the government offers a 90-day extension for students to return to their country, and it is fully allowed to revisit their country of origin while studying. However, proof indicating that studies are being carried out in that country must be shown to re-enter Canada.

Job opportunities for immigrants

One of the main reasons people seek to leave their country is the search for job opportunities often not found in the country of origin. Canada stands out in this, and according to the OECD, around 70% of people between the ages of 15 and 64 have paid jobs.

Therefore, in a country like Canada, it is possible to find vast job offers with good salaries, mainly in the four cities with the most significant development: Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and Montreal. Likewise, it is crucial that you have a valid work permit.

In this way, you can choose to renew your work permit and obtain a job offer with which you can apply for permanent residence. Canada is a country full of job opportunities, so get a valid permit and know English or French to get a good position.

Now that you know the benefits immigrants have in Canada, what are you waiting for to visit the country? I am Angelica Gonzalez-Blanco, and I put my experience at your disposal to effectively guide you in your migration process to Canada. Contact us to expand the information about our services.

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