Canada Launches Next Generation Open Data Portal

  Immigration data is already the most sought information on the Open Data Portal. In fact, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has the six most downloaded datasets on the Portal. These datasets include information about Canada’s immigrants’ countries of origin, preferred immigration programs, settlement patterns as well as application inventories and processing times. As Minister Kenney highlighted the importance of making immigration data available to Canadians, Prime Minister Harper promoted an international Open Data Charter of Principles at the G-8 Leaders Summit in Northern Ireland. The Charter commits Canada to the release of more data via a comprehensive online registry of data holdings, and to giving users unrestricted rights to re-use that data. The Charter also sets standards for data quality, interoperability, and comparability, and prioritizes high-value data types for early release. In each case, Canada’s current and planned Open Data practices exceed or meet the requirements of the Charter. By upholding these principles, Canada is demonstrating its international commitment to transparency and Open Government. Data.gc.ca contains datasets compiled by over 20 departments and agencies, covering a broad range of topics, from housing, to health and environmental data. Some of the most popular datasets include: statistics on wait time for permanent residency status, wait times at border crossings and information about soldiers in World War I. The next generation Data.gc.ca site features new interactive capabilities and Web 2.0 features, including a new targeted search capabilities and a Developers Corner, where Open Data developers can access specific technical information to assist them in creating user-friendly applications. The Portal also features the new Open Government Licence, which offers unrestricted re-use of government data and information. As CIC datasets on the Open Data Portal are already the six most popular among government departments, CIC intends to make even more of information available online in the near future”. Published by CIC]]>

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