Angelica Gonzalez-Blanco is a prestigious Immigration Practitioner. She is committed to her clients with a broad portfolio of successful cases, both inside and outside Canada, in achieving Canadian permanent residence through the various programs offered by the Government of Canada. Her participation in numerous cases where humanitarian and compassion are at stake, are high and its success has been recognized in the community through various media publications. She is an active member and through her work, she has earned a well known reputation within the Immigration Industry.

Angelica Gonzalez-Blanco obtained her Immigration certificate from York College and graduated from Seneca College as a Court and Tribunal Agent. Angelica Gonzalez-Blanco also graduated and obtained a law degree from Northern University, in Barranquilla, Colombia. In 1993, she worked as magistrate’s assistant at the Atlantic Superior Court of Family in Colombia. Later, she focused her practice in civil litigation. When, she came to she started practicing Immigration law in the year 2000, she is a professional with broad experience in the fields of IRB “The Immigration Refugee Board”, and the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Furthermore, Angelica Gonzalez-Blanco has successfully obtained the permanent resident visa status of numerous individuals coming from overseas countries through the use of the various programs offered under the Immigration and Refugee protection act, whether it is under the Federal or Provincial governments.

Since 2000 Angelica Gonzales-Blanco has been active in various radio and Latin publications in Toronto, in order to communicate clearly and promptly all the changes in law that the Canadian government has done and how they affect our community. She has also conducted numerous seminars in the United States, Mexico, Central America and South America. She is currently an active member of the “Immigration Consultants of Canada regulatory counsel.” She is also an active member in giving back to the community; she does this through giving seminars at different community centers at different regions like Peel, North York and Durham, among others in the province of Ontario.

Angelica Gonzalez-Blanco was the past vice-president of the Canadian- Colombian Professional Association for three consecutive periods, from 2001-2003. She is also the past director of the Canadian Hispanic Congress and has authored numerous articles published in leading Hispanics publication in Ontario. Radio Voces Latina is home to Angelica Gonzalez-Blanco every fifteen days. There, she leads a program in which everyone is invited to call and ask questions regarding immigration issues. In the magazine Oye, with a monthly circulation, Angelica Gonzalez-Blanco has a column in which she seeks through published articles, to inform the community of recent changes made to the immigration laws that affect applicants and what they should do to prepare. Among the most significant items is everything related to Bill C31, published in the July 2012 edition.

Keeping in touch with all those interested in making Canada their home is important to Angelica Gonzalez-Blanco. This is why, she has created a YouTube program, called from my desk that airs every fifteen days to provide committed and responsible information to keep viewers well informed. As well, she has Twitter and Facebook spaces with the specific purpose of receiving and answering questions, to provide general advice, and timely communicate any changes made by the Government of Canada and keep the community around the world well informed.


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