2021, What now?

At the beginning of January 2020, we could not have imagined that we were going to end the year talking and thinking about what we could during in the next few hours. Our life was upside down: being busy driving to get to work or commuting to reach our destination. We were so busy that we did not realize that time was passing by.

Once February came, life failed to show us that this monster was coming to play pause on our lives, to pause your thinking, to make you face unknown things that would make you think: What am I going to do today?  So, on March 18, 2020, Canada closed its borders and took extraordinary measures to prevent this new element called pandemic or virus that neither our generation nor the previous generation knew from spreading among us and thus we and everyone in the world started a new life.  You faced your own thoughts, yourself, your concerns, the unknown, fear, but you know what? Today, I can tell you with no hesitation that you have been brave because the year 2021 is here. You are alive, you have dined, you had fun, you have had time for yourself and those who took last year as an opportunity, or should I say instead those who took the monster called pandemic as an opportunity to reinvent themselves, began to do new things and to find themselves. I once heard someone saying that you do not have to work so hard but rather work hard on yourself, that is to have more time for yourself than for work, which does not mean that you should be irresponsible with your work.  All this preamble is to tell you that today, in my first article of 2021, as part of this new birth, this column will have an analytical and opinion position. We will talk about immigration issues, of course. This is my passion, it is what I do, not because it is my job but because it is my vocation, because I have a vocation to serve, because I believe that the gift that for some life and for me God gave me, gives me the opportunity to serve others with honesty and determination, but that gift not only implies the inner capacity of a human being but also the ability I had to choose a career that has the benefit of informing others who need it and to get an education on the legal field so that we can talk about immigration issues.  That is why I can tell you today, my reader, that I congratulate you, you are welcome to my group because you are courageous. You survived 2020 which, at the beginning of the year, you thought it was not going to happen, that it paralyzed you, that when you looked ahead and were afraid you saw darkness, uncertainty, hunger, terror. You saw chaos. And today, in January 2021, in the 2021 what now?, you can look back and realize that you are a winner, you emerged victorious. You survived your own horror, your own uncertainty, your own fear. You survived that dark tunnel that you walked through without any other option and today you are on the other side looking back.  Today, that you can look back, I can tell you that you can put your hands on your chest and say t yourself: “Here you are, champion, you did it!” Now, that it is 2021 and the question is “What now? What I am going to do?”. Well, that time that passed gave you a moral or teaching, and this moral is personal, because I had mine, you will have yours, I invite you who are reading this article, to review what was the most profound teaching you received and then let that be your Mantra, let it be your engine for all the year 2021. Let it be your 2021, What now?. For example, mine is going to be discipline. You can do whatever you want as long as you have discipline. What was your teaching? I invite you to write it, to place it on the refrigerator, to make it your cell phone or computer wallpaper, to place hanging notes on your bathroom … anywhere you can read them constantly … on the walls at your office, and let that note be the engine, be your tea2021, What now? In my case, the 2021, What now? is discipline, and discipline implies that this column will have a position where we are going to write about topics that have to do with immigration laws, but that have content and that in addition to serving you by bringing you responsible information, which has been my motto for a long time, I am not only going to keep providing you with that responsible information, but I am also going to lead you to find yourself in those mistakes that I know about too well regarding the immigration processes. Yes, because there are many things that we do not say in public, there are many things that we face, but discipline, which is my engine, my, 2021, What now? will lead me to talk about a topic each time this column is written, so that we can be abel to face the truth of immigration processes.  Thanks to the editing team of this publication I had the opportunity to close with a note speaking, from the point of view of immigration processes in Canada, about what we should say and my position was not to complaint about the work Ministry, but to thank the Ministry, that the who have read me and have followed me for years, they know that have no reservations nor I show fear when saying that a mistake was made and in that column I not only thanked them but I also applauded the titanic effort that the Ministry made since March 18, 2020 until December 31, 2020, where they reinvented themselves every minute, and were very resilient. The Ministry took the law, the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, which is the immigration law that gives them powers to, at certain times, launch regulations that allow the, to face situations that are not prescribe and it was with great courage that the Ministry reacted immediately. I am not going to tell you what the Ministry did month after month, year after year, because I already did in my previous column and if you want to see it, I invite you to read it or go to my website www.angelicagonzalezblanco.com, where you will find my column. Today, seeing that 2020 was a monster for many people, a dark, headless monster that brought thousands of things, we can say that that monster made Immigration to step ahead and be up to the good name that Canada has had for years. Canada it is always seen at an international level as a country where we social welfare. It is a country that respects different colours, diversity, different races. I think that I should applaud the liberal government, and I think that this would not have happened under a blue government. However, the liberal government took each of the powers given to them and was able to protect their fellow citizens to the best of their abilities, not only through nationality but also for those who were in the country with a legal status. Together we were able to fight alongside the Ministry and we survived the year 2020. We not only survived it mediocrely but with excellence. I think that if some oy you follow me on my social media you will realize that my campaign to see the glass half full not half empty and that this begin from with each of us, from our most inner point, tried to do the best for each person and that even people who hold a temporary residency were beneficiaries of the subsidies and the improvements given so that we could survive the adversity of a phenomenon that was unprecedented in our generation, This was something that our generation never experienced because yes, there was a pandemic at the beginning of the last century, but I do not believe that the many of the people who experienced this pandemic still live, and we did not grow up, nor did the generation before ours grew up with the ghost of some pandemic or virus that will paralyze the world in our minds. In fact, we never imagined that the world could be paralyzed. So, facing “2021, What now?., I invite you to reflect on what was your best teaching, what was the thing that made you stand in front of the mirror to look at yourself, to your own life, and take that as your Mantra so that it can be your engine from now on in 2021 and so that when we meet in 2022 you can tell me: “This was my conquest, this was what 2020 brought me, this was what I learned and this is my  testimony.” I invite everyone who is reading this column today to write me at info@angelicagonzalezblanco.com and tell me what you have learned. Tell me what you learned from the monster of 2020 and how you fought it, how you are victorious today, and are part of those who I am hugging and those to whom I am saying today “Congratulations, we did it. 2020 gave me the opportunity to change my life, to be another person, to be stronger”. So, to you who are reading this today and who want to share with us that teaching that may be of use to many others and that we have learned, that there is strength in unity and that we good ones are majority. So, let us start sowing, sowing our testimony, what we have learned so that others may realize that the monster was not so big, that the fear was not so scary, that the darkness was not so dark. So, if you agree with me, I hope that through this column whether you read it on La Portada or on our social networks, I can ask you to write to us and tell us your story.  There is no question that from the immigration point of view the Ministry has bee doing and continues to do a titanic task in seeking to face the current situation without letting Canada lose its good name as a country that receives immigrants. We see that the student temporary residence visas are activated, that certain protocols have to be complied with, and it really is the right thing to do to protect our country, our health system, but we have not stopped, the same for work temporary residence visas. Unfortunately, people who want to come to know our country to enjoy the country cannot do so until further notice and it is something that I applaud the Ministry for, because they are always seeking to maintain the protection of the Canadian society.  2021, What now? For me, 2021 means discipline, what does it mean for you? I am Angelica Gonzalez Blanco and today I say goodbye to you until the next edition with this congratulatory message: “Thank you champion for having reached the goal of 2020 and I wish you the best for 2021.” If you wish to contact us please write to us at info@angelicagonzalezblanco.com or visit our website www.angelicagonzalezblanco.com or you can contact us at 647-494-7801 and follow us on our social media. Read More La Portada Canada  

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