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Refugee process: is a process available for people who are fleeing from their country of origin and arrive to Canadian land, and claim refugee protection basing their case on what it is stated on the Geneva Convention, since the persecution suffered place the applicant in risk of life or to an undeserved punishment or torture as stated in the convention against the torture.

This process has suffered a significant reform in the year 2012 making stricter the protection assessment.


Through the Canada-Quebec Accord, Quebec’s government selects the refugees that can live in this province. However, Immigration Canada determines if the applicant selected by the Province of Quebec qualifies as a refugee based on Canadian immigration laws.
Refugee claims within Canada including those made in the Province of Quebec are studied by the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB), who will determine whether the applicant qualifies or not. The applicant must demonstrate:

  • She/he has not been recognized as a refugee by another country
  • She/he has not received protected status in Canada
  • She/he did not entered Canada via the border with USA
  • She/he was not involved in criminal activity or violation of human rights
  • She/he has not requested or has been denied a request for refuge in Canada
  • She/he has not withdrawn a request for refuge in Canada

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