This status is granted to those who wish to study temporarily in Canada. Depending on the country of origin, a visa is required to enter Canada, thus it is necessary to make the application on time and to meet the requirements of the Government of Canada before the planned date of travel. Choosing to study in Canada is a rewarding decision that can provide a world class education, a truly multi-cultural learning experience and a network of friends and professional contacts that will benefit you over a lifetime. For many immigrants to Canada, studying in Canada is the first step in becoming Canadian. Graduates from Canadian colleges and universities are eligible for post-secondary work permits.  This means you may be able to stay in Canada after graduation, earning Canadian work experience that may form the basis of any future application for Permanent Residence. Full time students in approved programs are authorized to work part time during the school year, and full time during regularly scheduled study breaks.
The list of countries that require a visa to enter Canada can be found on the Immigration Canada page of the corresponding country. However, in the advice given by Angelica Gonzalez-Blanco, each case is carefully analyzed and all information and procedures are communicated to clients so that no delays or surprises come up during the process.
In order to study in Canada, you must be accepted into a designated learning institution, those are the education institution approved by the Government of Canada as a learning institution to obtain a temporary resident as a student (visa)

The requirements for a temporary student visa are:

1. Have proof of returning at the end of the permit;
2. Being demonstrate that they possess a sufficient amount of financial resources that will cover their expenses while in Canada, and the expenses of those accompanying them
3. Not having a criminal record;
4. Being able to provide all the necessary documents required by the office of the Government of Canada where the application is going to be submitted;
5. Being in good health;
6. Have all the forms correctly and properly filled-out, providing all the information requested in them.
The temporary student visa is the document that allows you to travel to Canada. However, upon arrival, an immigration officer will generate a study permit, hich may be conditioned depending on:

  • The type of study or course that the applicant may attend
  • The educational institution where the applicant may attend
  • The city or province in which the applicant may be consider to study
  • The time for which the applicant is authorized to study


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