Sabor Amargo y nuevos Cambios y Expectativas!!!

Por Angelica Gonzalez-Blanco

TORONTO.- ¡Visitar otros países para hacer lo que más me apasiona, informar responsablemente, es más que mi trabajo hace parte de mi vida! Tener el orgullo de llevar conmigo la bandera canadiense informando con responsabilidad aquellos interesados en hacer de Canadá su país adoptivo, lleva consigo una responsabilidad profesional y moral. Vez como la gente mira a nuestro país con esperanza y como el lugar preferido para adelantar unos nuevos estudios o decidir mudarse permanentemente en él.

Gira para brindar información a colombianos que quieren emigrar a Canadá

Gira para brindar información a colombianos que quieren emigrar a Canadá

Visitaré Barranquilla y Bogotá, donde daré conferencias a los interesados.

TORONTO.- Ante el llamado de muchos colombianos que quieren emigrar a Canadá, realizaré una gira por este país suramericano informando a quienes estén interesados como realizar el trámite, la misma que ya he realizado en México recientemente, porque considero que nuestra gente debe tener la mejor información para lograr sus meta, llegar con su familia a vivir y trabajar en Canadá.

THE CITIZENSHIP ACT Children born abroad to Canadians may end up as ‘lost Canadians’

Like many Canadians, Jennifer and Evan Brown moved to the United States for work. In 2011, they jumped at the chance to live in New York when Evan, a chartered accountant, was offered a job there. After the couple had their first child a year later, they moved back to Canada, where they eventually had a second. But there’s a crucial difference between their children: One has more citizenship-transmission rights than the other.

Romanians & Bulgarians will no longer need visas to travel to Canada

The government of Canada is set to expel Romania and Bulgaria from the list of nations whose citizens require visas in order to visit Canada. Immigration Minister John McCallum is in Brussels this week, where it is expected that progress will be made on determining a long-standing visa debate with the two Eastern European nations, both of which are individuals from the European Union.

Insightful immigrant story goes beyond the familiar struggles

Many novels have been written that explore the struggles of immigrant families who settle in Canada. It’s tempting to dismiss Ann Y. K. Choi’s debut novel, Kay’s Lucky Coin Variety, as just another such story. However, Choi’s ability to convey the unique spirit of her main character, Yu-Rhee or Mary, gives more significance to this tale of a South Korean family in Toronto in the 1980s. (The author herself came to Canada from South Korea in 1975.)

Building a data-based immigration system

The firm where I work recently hosted a roundtable with Minister of Citizenship, Refugees, and Immigration John McCallum along with several business leaders in Canada. As part of the minister’s on-going commitment to review the International Mobility Program and his ministry’s relationship to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, consultations are being held to discuss the nature of business in Canada.

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